Mini Air Compressor

Portable 12V Mini Compressor / Tyre Inflator 300PSI with Pressure Gauge This air compressor / tyre inflator is easy to use just plug into your car cigarette lighter for power; slip the universal adaptor over the tyre valve, lock in place with the thumb latch and you are ready to inflate, the pressure is clearly displayed on the integral air pressure gauge. Suitable for inflating tyres, airbeds, boats and sports equipment fast and easily. It is supplied with a 3m cable, a 12V car cigarette lighter plug; 600mm air hose, 3 interchangeable adaptor nozzles and adaptors. The dual air pressure gauge can be read in both lb/in2 & kg/cm2.

Caution: Use with care. Do not exceed recommended pressure at any time or leave unattended while the unit is running. Allow to cool down after 15 minutes of continuous operation. When inflating balls, air mattresses and other soft inflatable material items, etc. avoid excessive pressure. (Note: Soft inflatables may not have pressure ratings, these should only be inflated until they are firm to touch - do not over inflate.


*Above specifications are subject to change and may vary from the actual product.

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